Painting our trains, handmade fixes

  • I would love to see inside the game a future that lets you decide with wich color you can paint your train.. maybe some symbols that you can draw with your hand on it or some flags you can attach, to make it look cooler, :/. personaly i wanted to paint a red dragon on my train..:thumbsup:i know the trains are small but still you can see their colors.. i believe that this would be nice. the drawings could be purchased by gold... that way our time passing looking on our trains could be nice..

    Another cool thing would be the trains to break in the middle of a railroad trip and they will not be able to be fixed until an individual manualy will fix the problem and let the train keep hes course> route. Additionaly another nice thing could be the train rails in a certain time to be broken and you will be needed the assistance of your association to fix them. and that too it will need to be fixed be the hand of the individual..

    Little small changes they will give a new breath in the game and will make it even more appealing.

    Thank you for taking the time reading this..

    I will see you on the railroad..