Trick or Treat

  • Four friends went for trick or treating on Halloween, and each of them collected their preferred candy type. Who got more?

    1. Greg collected Lollipops or Taffies.
    2. Lucas collected 2 ounces more than a girl.
    3. Exactly one kid has the same initial in its name and costume name.
    4. The zombie collected 4 ounces more than the kid who collected lollipops.
    5. The ghost and the vampire collected 26 ounces.
    6. Lucas collected bubble gums or was the skeleton. However, he didn't collect jellies.
    7. The jellies were collected by the zombie, or they weighted 10 ounces.
    8. Samantha was the skeleton or the vampire. She collected 2 ounces more than Greg.
    9. The skeleton collected taffies or jellies.

    10. The vampire didn't collect 14 ounces. The bubble gums weren't 16 ounces.
    11. Zoe wasn't the ghost.

    You can participate from 29.10.2019 until 31.10.2019 23:59 GMT+1 via a post in this thread. Please note your entry will be moderated.

    We will reward randomly 5 x 250 Gold among all participants that have given the correct the answer.

    Please remember to add the name of your game world (e.g. M1.201 Scandinavia) with your answer if you wish to participate in the prize draw.

    Note: if needed you can use following grid.


    COM05 Cylinder Head (Express)

    Kid Custome Quantity Canides
    Greg Skeleton 10 oz Lollipops
    Lucas Ghost 14 oz Buble Gums
    Samantha Vampire 12 oz Taffies
    Zoe Zombie 14 oz Jellies
  • s3 COM 03 Smoke Chamber

    Lorraine o Raill

    Greg was Skeleton and collected 10 pounds of Taffies

    Lucas was Ghost and collected 14 pounds of Bubble gums.

    Samantha was Vampire and collected 12 pounds of Lollipops

    Zoe was Zombie and collected 16 pounds of Jellies.

  • s3 COM 03 Smoke Chamber

    Greg - Skeleton - 10 pounds - Taffies

    Lucas - Ghost - 14 pounds - Bubble gums.

    Samantha - Vampire - 12 pounds - Lollipops

    Zoe - Zombie - 16 pounds - Jellies.

  • Hello!

    I play von Wagon on server 3. COM 03 Smoke Chamber

    I believe solution is:

    Greg dressed as a Skeleton collected 10 pounds Taffies

    Lucas disguised as a Ghost collected 14 pounds Bubble gums.

    Samantha looking like a Vampire collected 12 pounds Lollipops

    Zoe the Zombie collected 16 pounds Jellies.

  • Zoe got most!

    Greg - Skeleton - 10 oz - Taffies

    Lucas - Ghost - 14 oz - Bubble gums

    Samantha - Vampire - 12 oz - Lollipops

    Zoe - Zombie - 16 oz - Jellies

    Nanoks - COM202 Loch Ness

  • The Answer is Zoe had the most candy - 16 oz of jellies, as the zombie.

    (Lucas the ghost had 14 oz of bubble gums; Samantha the vampire had 12 oz of lollipops; Greg the skeleton had 10 oz of taffies).

    Sir T Hatt, US102 Grand Central,

  • Kid Costume Quantity Candies
    Greg Skeleton 10 oz Taffies
    Lucas Ghost 14 oz Bubble Gum
    Samantha Vampire 12 oz Lollipops
    Zoe Zombie 16 oz Jellies

    DE 304 Oktoberfest

  • The short answer: Zoe got more than the other kids

    Greg was skeleton and collected 10 oz of taffies

    Lucas was ghost and collected 14 oz of bubble gum

    Samantha was vampire and collected 12 oz of lollipops

    Zoe was zombie and collected 16 oz of jellies

    My game world: COM203 Tower Bridge (Express)

  • Dear Sirs/Madams,

    Zoe collected 16 ounces of jellies and her costume is "the zombie".

    So the answer is:


    (Note: I can provide the full table if required)



    P.S.: My data are:

    nick: jamadrid

    server: M1.201 Scandinavia