Adam's diary - The Road to the Top

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    Dear challengers,

    A new unique character will soon become part of our community. Who's it going to be? What will be his role? We're not going to tell you quite yet. Instead, we'd like to share a part of his story with you.

    In the next few days, we'll reveal six interesting diary entries of his, one by one, and invite you to be part of the challenges he faces in his life.

    Event description:

    For each of the five challenges, you'll be able to post your submissions and tell us how you would have solved the task and why. Your submission will only be visible to the Rail Nation Team. At the end of the event, the best contributions for each challenge and language will be published (together with the sixth and final chapter, which will not include another challenge).

    Scoring and prizes:

    For each challenge, you'll be able to collect up to 10 points. At the end of the event, your points will be accumulated and the top 30 members with the highest number of points will win a merchandise package, containing four Rail Nation-branded items, shipped to their home address:

    The first part of the event starts right now in

    -->This Thread<--

    Good luck, everyone!

    Your Rail Nation team

  • It may be too late to do this adam, but you should hae gone to the shop with your father to see how the math was used. Maybe then you may not only have a better grasp of how to use it outside of school but gotten more practice working with it. Math always will make sense when you see work outside the classroom.