Chapter 1

  • 160 + 120 = 280 km/h

    140 : 280 = 0,5 h

    Trains collide after 0,5 hours.


    6,3 : 14 = 0,45 h

    The supervisor will be at the switch in 0,45 hours


    0,45 < 0,5

    The supervisor will be on the switch before the train collides.


    Yes, it will be time to rescue trains.

  • the combined total speed of both trains is 280 km/hr. 140 km will be reached in thirty min. that is, both trains will crash in 30 min. 30 minutes for the supervisor is 7km. So he should be able to cover the 6.3k m to the manual switch.


    Steam Boiler, US 01

  • The combined speed of the 2 trains are 120 km/h +160 km/h = 280 km/h - and with only 140 km between them, that means that they will collide in ½ hour =30 min.

    Distance to switch are 6,3 km - and the supervisor have a run speed of 14 km/h. Meaning he will reach the switch in 6,3 km /14 km/h =0,45 hour = 27 min

    So yes, he will make it in time with 3 min to spare.

  • yes he will make it in time,

    speed of both trains is 280 km. so 140 km away from each other will take 30 min's to cover.

    Supervisor must run 6.3 km to the manual switch, which he would cover 7km in 30 mins so he would have 0.07 spare to get their.

  • It will take him 27 min. to run to the switch, closing speed 280 km/h would take 30 min to collide. if the supervisor doesn't slow down or trip and fall... he WILL make it in time.

  • Como os dois comboios vão em sentido um do outro quer dizer que a distância a percorrer é a soma da distância percorrida pelos dois comboios até ao embate que será no total de 140 km. O tempo que vai faltar até ao embate dos dois comboios será a distância a que estão a dividir pela velocidade dos dois comboios. Como vão em sentido um do outro temos de somar as velocidades dos dois comboios. Matemáticamente será assim:

    Velocidade total = A + B = 160km/h +120km/h = 280km/h

    Tempo até colisão = (Distância/Velocidade total)=(140km/280km/h)=0,5h= 30 minutos

    Tempo que o supervisor demora a chegar ao interruptor = (Distância/Velocidade)= (6,3km/14km/h)= 0,45h= 27 minutos

    O tempo do supervisor (27 minutos) é inferior ao tempo para o embate (30 minutos), logo o supervisor conseguirá evitar o embate. :)

  • Ehtii kyllä.

    Valvoja kulkee 6,3 km ajassa 0,45 h. Samassa ajassa nopea juna kulkee 72 km ja hitaampi juna 54 km, eli yhteensä 126 km. Junat ovat vielä 14 km etäisyydellä toisistaan, kun valvoja käyttää manuaalista kytkintä.

  • Ja de supervisor isop tijd. De treinen naderen elkaar met 280 km/u over 140km. Met 30 minutenzijn ze bij elkaar. De supervisor is 6300m weg van de schakelaar. Hij loopt 14km/u wat3.89m/s is. Met 1620 seconde, 27 minute, is hij bij de schakelaar. De treinen hebben dan nog 3 minute over om te remmen.

  • Yes, he will be.

    The trains approach 280 km / h, which is 30 minutes

    In 30 minutes the supervisor runs 7 km, so he has enought time after 6.3 km to operate the switch

  • Der Schaffner braucht weniger als 1/2 Stunde zum Schalter.

    In dieser Zeit fährt ein Zug weniger als 80 km und der andere weniger als 60.

    Es kommt nicht zum zusammenstoß

  • Hallo Rail Natoin Team

    Zug A Fährt mit 160KM/H +ZUg B mit 120KM/H = Zug AB 280 KM/H

    Zug AB 280KM/H /140 KM = 0,5 Stunden = 30 Minuten

    Der Aufseher 14 KM/H = 14000m/H / 3600s = 3,88m/s

    Distanz 6300m / 3,88m/s = 1619,7113 Sekunden

    1619,7113 Sekunden / 60 = 26,99 Minuten

    Somit ist der Aufseher Rechtzeitig bei dem Schalter um die Züge anzuhalten.

  • It depends. It will take .45 of an hour (or 27 minutes) for supervisor to reach the switch. During that time, Train A will travel 72 km and Train B will travel 54 km. When the supervisor reaches the switch they will only be 14 km apart. As long as the switch is within that 14 km range, he will save the trains.

  • He is in time.

    Because the trains will meet in 30 minutes *1 and he will be there before *2.


    I first just tried... If they go 160km/h and 120*km/h so they are together 280km far. Its exactly the twice of how far they are. and a half oh 1hour is 30minutes..¨


    He dire in 1Hour 14km. The half of it (30 minutes) is 7km. and its more than 6.3, than means hes before 30 minutes there.

  • Yes.

    The Trains will crash in 30 minutes. In 30 minutes the supervisor would be able to run 7,000 meters. Since the manual switch is only 6,300 meters, he would be able to reach it in time.

  • Yes!

    It will take him 27 minutes to get to the switch and it will take 30 minutes for the trains to collide. Therefore, provided the trains can stop moving within the 3 minutes, they will not collide.