Chapter 5

  • 19 April 2019

    Last week, our CEO announced her retirement and the company is now looking for a successor. She was a great leader and did a fantastic job. Her retirement was quite discouraging for many employees. Some of them resigned and I also consider doing the same. I shared my thoughts with some colleagues but surprisingly, instead of confirming my thoughts of quitting, they encourage me to do the opposite. They say I should apply for the CEO position and that they think I'm fit for the role. On the one hand, the thought of being the CEO of a large company like that excites me a lot. On the other, my life will become even more challenging if I do. I'm not sure if it would be the right decision. As far as I know, there's a really tough test I have to pass in order to prove my cognitive abilities. I'm unsure. Should I go for it?


    Here is the tough <test> Adam needs to pass. Can you help him? After the test is over we will post the top 10 participants wordwide here in this thread.

    Task: Try to answer as many questions as possible in 15 minutes

    • For each 10% of correct answers, you will get 1 point (70% correct=7 points)
    • Questions that are more difficult than others also have a higher weight
    • Only 1 attempt per person. Multiple attempts will lead to disqualification


  • This time may be available for genius ... or for people with a lot of experience in such tasks.

    But I couldn't even read through all the tasks