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    13 November 2019

    I often think back to my twenties, when I sometimes doubted myself and wondered if I could ever make it this far. But here I am. And all the challenges and struggles on my long path eventually brought me here. But my journey hasn't ended yet! Quite the opposite. It's about to begin. As the CEO of Apex Trains, I'll face new challenges every day. And I'll always strive for excellence on behalf of my company and myself as a professional, as a leader and as a guide for my talented co-workers. Together, we'll overcome even more challenges. Let's see what the future holds.

    The sky's the limit!


    A big 'Thank You' to all challengers who acompanied me on my way.

    I would like to share with you some of the best replies to the different chapters. You can view them in the respective threads. Also: The challenges are now open for comments:


    Congratulations to the top smartest participants of this challenge! You have won:

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  • Welcome Adam Peters to the most challenging community of the world.

    Frei nach Führungscoach Sandra von Oehsen. Zwei Fragen, die sich Unternehmen stellen sollten:

    Was können unsere Kunden von uns lernen?

    Und was können unsere Kunden von uns lernen, was sie gar nicht lernen sollen?

  • Oh wow - this was such fun. Except for challenge 5 which was a total pig!!! Are you going to give us the actual answers? I'd love to know whether I was on the right track!!!