How are RG requirements calculated?

  • I have found some really informative pieces about how consumption is worked out, but how is the tonnage of each good calculated. Is it the same for each city or do things such as connected players, rank or level have an impact?

    If you ask players you get as many different answers as people you ask.

  • This is unshared info. Everything we have has been observed by players. Ranking has no impact on the required amount of goods to level up. Ranking doesn't affect anything except starting time in end game actually.

  • So I am told, but where does that information come from?

    Depends which part you mean.

    You can easily verify what I wrote. Make a list and write the red marked number down for each level (my example comes from a level 9 city) and compare citys. So everyone can get to the point by himself.

    A bit more arcane knowledge is the fact that the marked nunber is at 67% of the stock size. So if you want to know what tonnage the 2,0% for yarn mean just calculate 7.370t / 67 * 2,0 = 220t. If you want to know the stock size divide the Number by 0,67.

    Even more arcane knowledge seems the fact, that the stock size is trippled when a city becomes a mega city. So a level 9 megacity would've 7.370 / 0,67 * 3 = 33.000t (there're currently discussions how to change that to balance the end game).

    That information comes from different sources. Some are from the Rail Nation blog. Rhe Rail Nation Developers are german and use the german part of this forum. Some information was shared by them there over the years. Bruno_BF is one of them Beiträge von Bruno_BF - Rail Nation Forum

    Does ranking have an impact,

    No, ranking has no impact.

  • Thank you Hilti2, that's been really helpful, and very much appreciated. I've read many of Bruno's blogs but couldn't quite find the info I needed.