US server Grand Central - SERVER DOWN

  • Thanks for the update!

    The server is indeed available again, but there is still an issue with messages

    There are 10 types of people in this world:

    Those who understand binary and those who don't

  • In addition to the loss of 3 hours of hauling as Dumbledor reported with associated loss of warehouse, city and industry progress, we also somehow lost flipping cities that were around 70% red at the time of the outage. A lot of our strategy is based on flipping cities back and forth and that also was messed up on the reset. Now that there are suddenly a lot of blue cities due to this error, in game communication with other red corps is especially important for those of us flipping cities back and forth between the two sides. On the plus side, the new underwear is great! :-P

  • Patience much, understanding, little.

    Especially in the Server of El Escorial.

    Second fat ruling in less than a month.

    The previous one in the final.

    And without explanations, apologies and rewards for the finalists.

  • All was working again about 8 hours ago, but now again, all servers hang on the first (RN) loading bar, immediately after clicking to enter a server in the lobby (right after redirect). The server loading bar never even appears.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • Thank you Mollymauk . I really appreciate it!

    The answer from ticket support was horrible. The first answer was the standard "delete cookies, cache, temp files, history, DNS, try a different browser, try a different device etc etc etc bla bla bla".

    After telling them I had already done all that as it is the very first thing I always do and what everyone does, and that there was really a problem on their end, the 2nd reply was even worse:

    "The problem must be with your device or browser. If there was a problem at RN we would be flooded with complaints on the forum. Therefore, try yet another browser or device until it works".

    Hahaha, but this was really not funny. I was quite pissed off. It is the same answer all the time. It is always either the player, their device or their browser but never ever is there a problem with hard- or software or back bone connections or server settings or whatever. No... of course not!

    Anyway, I am taking the time to publicly thank you for your refreshing and honest approach and communication regarding the problem and the fix. Your response was 1000x better than anything I have ever seen from any support ticket staff!!! Honesty really goes a long way, I wouldn't mind being locked out of all servers for days as long as I had the feeling I wasn't being ignored and that I knew someone was actually working to fix the problem.

    So ... thank you again... I have a new tech support hero! :)

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!