Rail Nation Learning Curve

  • Howdy!

    I don't think we've had this discussion before: What are your thoughts on the learning curve in Rail Nation?

    Learning curve in different scenarios? Gameplay elements that are too easy for you? Too hard or just perfect when it comes to learning and mastering?

    For example, learning to balance your income and learning to make enough money in Classic/SoE/USA scenarios, is it too easy to make money depending on a scenario or too hard? I already heard a couple players mentioning that making money is too easy in Europe scenario...

    Come join the discussion and share your thoughts, no matter if you are a new player or a true railroad veteran!

  • About learning.. railnation wiki. but what can i say somethimes i go to see what i cant understant about words.. like the coupling thing.. i did go to find out that i cant transfer goods eras 4 with trains of era 2 only eras 3 and eras 1 the same is working for all other eras ofcourse if you are at era 6 you can tranfer all the folowing eras. the coupling is for the goods for the eara that is coming so you can still use your trains ot transfer goods of the following era until you unlock a new train.

    i played the game so far so lets see.... i want to know what others think too about hte earning money situation... i bet the old ones they wont like it most likely... maybe if i was an old one i wouldnt too.

    So my thoughts as a new player.. SOME would say...... Its not difficult to earn money if you are cosntantly online or you adjust your routes to transfer more goods than one.. BUT even then you are not making much to expand and make good calls on industries so you are left with more expenses that income so you cant upgrade buildings to compete with others if you have an association maybe they can help you with industries IF you know them well...BUT everybody have different plans. '''' WHEN you are new you cant find a good team anyway'''.

    SOOOOOOO dilemma i spent on the industries or i spent on my railway hmmmmmmmm.... WELL spent GOLD... i get you there xdd.... ANYWAY.

    If you spent on the railway you cant earn money to pay the checks cause your trains would be slow as... if you spent on the industries you have no money to spent on buildings....IN REAL LIFE YOU GO TO A BANK AND YOU GET A LOANNNNNNNN...... so how am i suppose to advance without knowledge..As im new player. even if i had the knowledge it would be hard to progress and compete.

    MY proposal is make something like quests that will give you the ability of when you complete them to have reduced fines on the waiting times of the industries OR to be able to have a discount lets say up to 35-40%. or to give you some prestige or to give you money to spent on industries or buildings.

    Quest:::: Transfer goods from this city to this city 250 tons meat...reward 15% discount on meat industry. Use wherever you WANT. OR use on your next invest.. reward other discount on your bets for workers.... discount on the vouchers... always considering the amount of difficulty the quest has... you get the supposed rewards...

    I MEAN if you want to find something new you will find just make some balances.. the competicions are good but when you get 60k or 70k from and the first invest for and industry is 24k with the second one you have reach what you have earned so MOST PEOPLE THEY DONT EVEN BOTHER DOING THSI COMPETITIONS.. AND THEY AINT COMPETITIONS NO MORE?(?(?( Anyways.. everyone is looking to go and pick up the best rewarding good citys left gohsting everywhere on the map.. making it hard to grow they are looking to earn money more than anything so they can have more trains but in the end they are reaching the endgame and they dont have a city nor a home AND THEY ARE INSIDE YOUR ASSOCIATION and what can you say to them ahmm AMMM CAN you pls stop rushing for the money?? and paly as a team?? NOOOOOO they will say ''i need better trains better buildings... ITS ok everyone plays with their playstyle but if you where smart you will have insert competitions ASSOCIATIONS VS ASSOCIATIONS. TO MAKE this people to paly with the team to get the bonuses... and there you go you earn money through quests or you can insert a story mode that starts from era one and ands on era 6 and must be completed by your association cause the goods need to transfer and the loads are hugeeee.... and then the reawards would be huge as well... I mean i already im excited to see something

    Aren't you ??

    Kind goodbyes Paraskevas..

  • Sorry for the extension of the text (and for my english).

    Although I have played on all stages and I love them all, lately I have dedicated myself only to USA Express (without passengers, without monuments). I try to reach equilibrium, that is, I prefer to do everything relatively well (gain prestige, $ and gold, while helping my hometown).

    But of course... if it's about making money... it's very easy: one trick is to have licenses of everything you carry... massively carry few products and have licenses for each of the products you carry (in chain), and eventually you earn titles. Of course, to do it right, you must expand the routes to find the most profitable and good... what you taste better than me. That works if you don't have much time.

    So, the ease of earning money is proportional to your career level (experience) and perhaps the gold you invest. It is not easy to win without a Plus account and without investing gold... but it is not impossible either.

    But making money is not the objective of the game... making titles neither... or buying licenses or hiring workers... all that is the "decoration" used to achieve the goal: to make more Prestige Points.

    And that is the 'fault' of the game: Great that the current scenarios exist, and their internal and exclusive variants... but a fourth type is missing: "The collaborative way": a map where you gain a lot of prestige by taking the city beyond it of others, not to hunt a little of PP in each city or megacity. If the central axis of the game, if the "excuse" to play is to transport goods to a city and so level up it, that is the real competition... and then there will be more wars for the majority... and there will be more alliances and enemity between associations.

    Why do I propose it like this? Because individual winners do not even know about the growth of one city or another, they only go for their prestige-hunting and competitions, and even give them the same in which city they start. If many people like that type of game, there are those who prefer one where the city / association is their priority and, therefore, where they really gain prestige for fulfilling the objective "excuse" of the game: Make your city the best!

  • The Learning curve for Rail Nation is extremely difficult IF you don't have a few good mentors to help, and to get that help you have to "Luck" into a good association.

    Why do i say that? simple: there is no decent in-game guide for even basic function and strategy, Lucy's quests are vague at best.

    i spent 2 rounds stumbling around, asking questions and sometimes getting answers, mostly getting the "don't bother me newbie" reply, until i finally found a group willing to teach to learn from.

    and yes, i would love to see a scenario that placed far less importance on Personal Prestige, somehow tying personal ranking in with team / city / LM / region / east v west ect..standings. so the better you do working WITH a team, the better you do individually.

  • The gameplay is not difficult, it has tips&tricks and all players learn new things all the time if they want to learn. You can follow the link "Play like a Pro" to see some nice ideas.

    Personally I tried an express server recently (the origin scenario) and with half an hour a day I ender up being 109 spot I think without great effort among 5000 people. I am not close to an expert but I follow the basics.

    If you ask me, always someone in the game is willing to help you, provided you are ready to listen and follow his proposals. Usually what happens with young players is that they start getting into investment wars and then the money are gone. Hope is not your case