No videos currently available

  • Using an android Galaxy S9 Mobile to play. Constantly getting no video currently available. I have a plus account active specifically for guaranteed videos. Tried going into app settings and cleared cache and data. Deleted cookies in Samsung web browser. Still getting video currently unavailable. I'm seeing posts about flash player and HTML5... is my phone missing something or is there another step to follow to get advertisement to play? (the only game I've ever played irritated ads dont work lol)

  • i get it on my sony ZX now and then. most of the time the vids run OK. but now and then it says no vids available. but at least i can watch the vids on the mobile app but not in the browser version. those havnt worked for years.

    but right now i cant get on any server cause flash wont let me.

  • Please be in contact with game support.

    If someone can't view videos while another player can, support will help find out what could be the cause. I don't have an answer to give here on forum, unfortunately, for the reasons for tech issues varies from account to account.