Monday Motivation #1

  • When I was young, I had a tendency to postpone larger projects or assignments. By now, I know that you can run into yourself very hard by doing so.

    This quote inspires me.

    Do you have experiences that underline the meaning of this quote? Share them with us.



  • You should only start something when you are able to put that time aside - it is far better to start something with the right head focus, and the time to start it properly than to start it just because starting it means getting ahead.

    There are always tasks we need to do in lives - but there are always times and days where we are just not simply able to do all those tasks, then you have to prioritize what you can do, in the time you have and which is most important.

    So I don't think the starting is the key to getting ahead - being well prepared is in my opinion.

    Emziie. :)

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3