Monday Motivation #4

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    In the beginning of my career I really was afraid of making mistakes. I wanted to show my boss I was a perfect employee. By now I know that mistakes are needed to be succesful; you learn from every mistake and it may take many failures before you reach success.

    What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?


    Adam Peters

  • Hello Adam!

    I worked for a Fast Food outlet for quite a while.

    We were busy, and a customer came in with a big order. Approximately £90. They passed me 5 x £20 Bank Notes, for some reason I checked the first one, but I didn't check the first four. The first one was real, the 4 after was counterfeit. I remembered that he had kept me talking whilst sorting the money, and I believe it was a distraction.

    I got in trouble at the end of the shift as my till was £80 down, I learnt from this that even if someone else tries to rush you that you should take your time and you should do things at your own pace. We all have our own ways of doing things, and it is better that it takes a few seconds/minutes/hours longer depending on the task you are completing and that it is done properly than rushing to try and be quick and making mistakes that have a detrimental effect.

    From then on - I checked every single note that came into the Store no matter how long the queue was, or how much the Customer tried to distract me and as a result over the time period I continued to work there I caught quite a lot of counterfeit notes, and I also taught the newer colleagues of mine that it was better to do things properly than take shortcuts resulting in mistakes.

    Emziie. :)

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3