• Wow

    Nice to see a changelog again, not seen since Spring !!!!!!

    Only a very small one, but for sure hope it will be followed but some big ones with tons of new features !!!!!

    It goes from 4.14 to 4.17 so hope that means a lot of new stuff will come in next update

  • Yeah, been a while 8)

    One of the reasons for the longer break is switch from Flash to HTML5. Better save the manpower for the more crucial stuff, and avoid updating both versions simultaneously when possible.

    Makes you think, could there be a special reason to schedule the update now...

  • I'd really like to see better server state saving and the ability to really dial down features if your hardware can't handle it. The flash is brutal, but the load times on mobile are insane as well. There should be better sync / async data at certain areas so that there isn't this massive flood of data at one time