Your life’s mission

  • Hello everyone,

    You know how every successful business has a mission. Something that tells where they are heading and why. A true mission is born when it feels just right, and sometimes you have to work with it until all the pieces match.

    Do you have a Life’s Mission? What if you gave your life a mission? What values and goals would add spice to your journey?


    Adam Peters

  • Wow! Such an old post (of Nov. 20th) and I haven't noticed it yet ....

    Yes, being able to think about and to create our own objectives, goals, aims, targets, destinations ... and missions ... that's the difference between animals and human beings.

    Animals happen to meet something and they quickly put it in an order (will it eat me - can I eat it - can I have s.x with it - will it feed me - is it a stone), humans do not only RE-act, but are able to act and to decide about direction to go ... towards their chosen destination or ... mission.

    Works in business and in all other parts of real life.

    For destinations and missions there are rules.

    . Make them active, not passive. YOU must go there (active: I want to run a railroad business, passive: I want to win the jackpot)

    - Make them desirable (you must really want them ... not because of a reason like: I MUST have a job)

    - Make them consistent to your inner values and beliefs.

    - Any IF in your mission is a no.go.

    - Make them able to be cut into step, so you can schedule your way

    - Make them TOWARDS missions, not away from. Find what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid.

    Well. you ask about MY mission(s), Adam.

    - For my life: I want to work with people, have them around me, and when I have to go, I will remember other people lives became better by my existance.

    - For businiss: I want to work with people, teams and help them to find their way to success, but I also want to be successful on tasks that I can only do alone.

    - I want to learn "that everyone is created equal" (remember Mr. Jefferson?) ... and whoever comes across my way, I will find the diamonds, that they can give to enrich their lives and mine.

    Henry Ford: "Ob du glaubst du schaffst es, oder ob du glaubst, die Limitierungen verhindern das ...

    du hast auf jeden Fall Recht."

    Ob der andere nett oder böse schreibt, deine Bewertung wird immer deinem Vorurteil entsprechen.

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  • I hadn't noticed it either!

    For me there is only one personal life mission, and that is to make a positive difference to peoples lives whether that difference be big or small.

    So, I constantly do small things. Recently until she passed away, my neighbour was quite unwell. So 2-3 times a week, i'd go and sit and talk with her, watch some TV. And on the other days, i'd go and get her a newspaper from the Shop and cook her dinner if she had no-one to make her dinner. For me, that gives me all of the satisfaction I need.

    Emziie. :)

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • This a hard one.

    Because what you think is important when you are young.

    Becomes less important the older you get.

    When you have reached the top of the rainbow and looked down the other side.

    You see that there is no pot of gold.

    Life becomes a daily struggle to stay well.