career ranking and overall ranking

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    The career Ranking in the Lobby is for your career Points.

    You could get career points if you play rail nation and get achievements. With more career points your career level also increases.

    This career level is regardless of any gameworld and don't disappear at the end of a round.

    I don't now what you mean with 'overall ranking'? maybe the same? Because the career ranking IS the ranking wich goes beyond all single game rounds.



  • Hello!

    The career ranking is as Pia_BF has explained above.

    I believe the overall ranking you are discussing is in relation to the one found in Game Servers as this is referred to as Overall ranking. This is your ranking for this round, from all the players playing on that particular server.

    You can improve your Career Ranking by completing the achievements available when managing your Career.

    You can improve your Overall Ranking in game by completing competitions, delivering goods or Passengers to cities, upgrading Station Buildings and you will receive an amount of prestige from your Hotel at regular intervals. The interval is 90 minutes for an Express Server, and 3 hours for a Full Length Server.

    Workers can influence your overall ranking, as they can increase the Prestige you receive. For example in Era 4 you are able to purchase Abraham Lincoln that provides a 50 percent bonus to any prestige from City Deliveries, and Voltaire that provides a 40 percent decrease in the time it takes for Station Bonuses to regenerate meaning you receive more Hotel bonuses. I hope this helps!


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