How is the income/time calculated?

  • Hi,

    I have a plus account, when I change the schedule for my trains, I get the attached picture that shows me the income on the new schedule and the time compared to the current running schedule.

    The question is: is it enough to look at the money to know the income? or should I divide the money by the time to get how much money I get per second and compare it?

    In the attached picture, the old schedule deliver income of 96,537$ and the time it take for the schedule is 10:03. The new schedule deliver less money but in shorter time. If I choose the new schedule, will I earn more money because the money arrive faster? or does the calculation includes the time difference?


  • So in your first schedule - you will receive more money but deliver less tonnage, in your second schedule you will receive less money but deliver more tonnage.

    The amount shown is an hours turnover of that train at the current amounts, however this can vary slightly by how well stocked the industry is, how full the City is of the goods and the Wait Time of the industry, or industries you are using.


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