Winter Event Server List

  • Hello all,

    In this thread you can find a complete list of all the servers that will have the Winter Event and those

    that don’t because of conflict with the endgame or the regular server downtime.

    We made sure that every region has at least one server with the Winter Event.

    You can find more info about the event in our blog.

    Servers WITH the Winter Event: Servers WITHOUT the Winter Event:
    DE01 DE07
    DE03 DE18
    DE04 DE107
    DE05 COM02
    DE08 COM05
    DE09 M01
    DE11 PT02
    DE101 RU05
    DE201 PL01
    DE204 PL11
    COM01 NL02
    COM03 NL201
    COM101 RO02
    COM201 US01
    COM202 ES02
    FR01 -
    FR03 -
    FR101 -
    FR201 -
    M1.101 -
    M1.201 -
    ES01 -
    ES201 -
    PT01 -
    GR01 -
    RU01 -
    RU02 -
    RU06 -
    RU07 -
    RU08 -
    RU15 -
    RU101 -
    RU103 -
    RU105 -
    RU201 -
    RU203 -
    TR01 -
    IT01 -
    IT03 -
    IT101 -
    IT201 -
    UA01 -
    UA02 -
    PL03 -
    PL05 -
    PL101 --
    PL201 -
    NL01 -
    RO01 -
    CZ01 -
    CZ03 -
    CZ07 -
    CZ101 -
    CZ201 -
    US101 -
    US102 -
    US103 -
  • Hi!

    Maybe can You start express USA or express Europe for country without hi speed servers (or with only classic) as winter gift?

    This will be 2 in 1: easiest way to play winter event and try double speed.