RN2018-8987 Licences auction bug

  • Scenario: If you bid for a licence, then win a competition for that same licence, then win the auction.

    Bug: It will display you win the auction and money will be charged, but you will be stuck with 48h licence from the competition and get nothing from the auction.

  • Really a bug ?

    If you have the licence already (won or buyed by auction),you cant bid anymore on this licence.

    So if you win first the licence, you have only this licence for 48h and the auction doesnt matter, even if you are the highest bider.

    If you win the auction first, you get this licence and after winning the competition this will expand your lincence for another 48 hours.

    But you can expand this licence again and again by winning it, I have had the passenger licence one-two day duration after ending endgame