Order of trains list is different in Adopt Schedule screen

  • In the recent update, something changed the order of the trains in the Adopt Schedule screen.

    While it's not a major problem, it's very irritating to have to scroll down to the bottom of the list of trains to check that these trains are included in the schedule.

    This is the only one of the trains lists that has this funny ordering and yet it's also the only one that doesn't have a sort button either, so there's no work around other than scrolling down every time. It doesn't make it easy or quick to get trains moving.

    I can't even work out what logic has been applied to this ordering of the list so I could do something about it (like renaming the trains).

    Then again, that's not going to work as Copy Schedule uses the old sort order that hasn't been tampered with in this update.

    Please could the sort order in "Adopt Schedule" be reset back to what it was before this update.