Winter Event

  • shush ... this is genius but only known to a select few. Let's keep it that way! :)

    By the way, I do agree on this, it should not be a race with team members against each other trying to watch the videos as quickly as possible to get the most rewards.

    Even though the the use of the widget can get everybody the videos, it is still not easy to get everyone to follow the same procedure at the same time. Although we are doing it in our corp, I highly doubt more than 1% of the corps have the coordination and communication to be able to pull this off.

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  • This is my first Christmas event, I don't know how it goes, but I think I'm going to finish in the top 1%. It is sad because I have achieved a lot of gold (1000) and 30 days of plus account, and unfortunately the event was not held on my server and I do not want to lose everything that I have healed ...

    the only solution that I see to not lose them is to buy a pack of 100 gold and send me to my server 3 or 4 months plus account ...

    but it is meaningless because on my server I already have a lot of time also accumulated ....

    and I do not know what to do....

    I find it a bit unfair .... and I'm a little sad but ...

  • I´m pretty much ok with the sell fee and the resource cap. I believe without either of them there would be a room for breaking the system. But I do miss the trading part of the event, I had a lot of fun with that last year regardless the extensive rewards.

    In my opinion the whole problem is that the prices never change more than +/- 1 coin per piece. Also I´m curious how the price is calculated, because it remains practically the same on average. I would think resources would be more bought and less sold, since they are eventually spent, therefore price should gradually increase during the event.

    I would very much welcome, if the event would reward either cooperation with other players or a bit of smart thinking. Maybe cap the price change on +/- 3, which would mean max. 500 coins per hour profit. And make the price change depend on the number on players participating in the event. Something like 5% players trading = +/-1 coin.

    Example based on my server:

    - about 600 players in event (that have some diamonds)

    - 5% = 30 people = 3000 resources traded (of 1 kind)

    - if 15% players were trading every hour every day and with all resources, that means 8 days * 24 hours * (3 profit - 1 sell fee) * 500 resources/2 (buy first hour, sell the other) coins = 96000 coins = about 640 runs = about 2,5k diamonds

    - but it costs about 8,5k coins to get 100 pieces of every resource, therefore the actual maximum number would be a lot less

    This might be a bit too much straight forward, but it might be fun to see the whole server work together.

  • Many on our server think this years' event was boring, mostly because of the limited trading opportunities.

    As for myself, I think I agree.

    Because of the fee, sometimes you even make a loss now and acquiring more coins is much more difficult.

    The best source of income has become the videos and that is simply just not fun at all of course.

    I'm not complaining though, I won the event on my server. And nobody wants to play an event where abuse, bugs or other short cuts are widespread or where a normal player has no chance.

    A high level of activity is still rewarded more (even if it's through watching more videos rather than by trading every hour) and the current system seems pretty fair for everyone.

    I think this is all you can ask for really.

    Maybe do something better with the diamonds? The extra bonus of the level up of the winter market is almost nothing, it's laughable. So there is very little incentive to participate in the event year after year.

    Lastly, a big Thank You to the Devs (I almost never do this!), for creating a way for a corporation to have its team members all work together during the event, instead of competing with each other!

    The use of the widget to allow everybody to watch all winter videos simultaneously (25 players x 25 videos = 625 videos for the corp every 8 hours) really made a huge difference, not only in our individual results, but also greatly and positively affected the general atmosphere and interest in participating in the event. Furthermore, it was also good End Game practice, having all players perform the same set of actions every 8 hours and reaping the rewards together. So, thank you again Devs, great job!!!

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  • The diamonds are collected for you. See Lobby - Career - Profile - Third info.

    They are kept to set the start level for your Winter Market next year.

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  • The diamonds are collected for you. See Lobby - Career - Profile - Third info.

    They are kept to set the start level for your Winter Market next year.

    is that all :(, I thought the initial plan was we could use them to buy special things


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