Unseen and unclickable stuff in game

  • In game, often the left column's "X" to close the window is as standard unseen and unclickable. Sometimes it doesn't matter much, but in this case I just dont see part of the map at all and cannot do nothing about this.

    My proposition #1 is to make the map actually bigger and possible to zoom in/out and move. It should be quite easy to do

    My proposition #2 is to enable in visualise options to move the top bar, as an additional option to use individually for example, options to use: 150 pixels to left, 100 pixels to left, 50 pixels to left, center, 50 pixels to right, 100 pixels to right, 150 pixels to right.

    So if a player have the problem with top toolbar to hover ofter "X", then he might adjust best option for him/her individually.

    My resolution is 1280x1024, monitor Dell 1905FP, if it helps somehow to test changes. Chrome browser.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to have this problem, as people use different monitors and resolutions.

    In this case I simply don't see the West Coast and part of East Coast too.

    Option #3 would be to be able to minimalize top toolbar and right toolbar, so other stuff don't hide under it. But then I also would not see Boston :P so map need still then a bit on enlarging, by putting oceans on both sides of USA so it's movable left <-> right at least.

    On top of picture You can see already end of the window, as there is internet address and on bottom as well, starts Windows top down toolbar. Same on right and left. That's simply all I see.


  • What if you try to zoom out? ctrl and mouse scroll or crtl-/+ (minus/plus on keyboard). Although this might affect mostly the map.

    Another and perhaps better idea is to resize the browser window to make it more "flat" by grabbing it at one of the corners and the game will fill the screen the best way it can make everything fit. No need to play in full screen.

    Or use these both together if it helps something :)  Seroslav