RE com5 cylinder head

  • When will com5 cylinder head express be restarting please ??? and also what actually happens when you reset ...i have always wondered ??

    Hi there!

    Here's the next starting date:

    Cylinder Head

    What happens is you will start from ERA1, you will pick your starting town or join one where the rest of the association are (pre-registration). It's a fresh round, with buildings starting at level 1, and all engines and parts needs to be researched.

    What carries from round to round is your unused Gold, plus-days, engine skins, clothing items and career points you can use to upgrade your career engine.

  • restart means era change scheduled for Christmas Day. could not it have been a day earlier or later. This is an international day.

    There are plenty of era changes per round, and it becomes pretty much impossible to consider all the era changes when planning the server starts.

    Era changes aren't a priority when scheduling all servers globally and everything else we have planned for the future, including campaigns, maintenance and updates.

    More important is that Endgame skips the big holidays and this we did last year, managed to move the starting date so that EG can be played before or after the biggest holidays.

    How will the era change affect your holidays? What is the most important reason why you feel Era change will not fit together with holidays?

  • "Sorry kids, stop your whining! Instead of opening presents, Daddy has to log in to use up his saved research points on the new era, and scratch his saved tickets to win the shiny new bonus trains. He also has to level up his engine house 4x and get some more shiny new trains on the rails, or else his imaginary internet friends are going to shout at him, like I am now shouting at you kids! %^&"

    Merry XMas & Happy Holidays to all by the way :P

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • "Oh, and don't you think Mamma will pull me away from the PC either, she's in my association too and will not be cooking dinner tonight, you guys are getting Kentucky Fried Chicken".

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!