Unique holiday traditions

  • It’s holiday season and many people around the world either celebrate Christmas or just enjoy some time off between the years. There are incredibly many different ways how this time is celebrated and there are many different religious, cultural or simply family traditions around it. Some things like decorative lights, cookies or presents are pretty common, but most of us also have very unique personal traditions that are not common anywhere else.

    We asked around in the team and already collected a few special „traditions":

    • "I don’t give away presents but instead do a quiz for my family. The winner can choose which charity I donate something for" – Bruno
    • "I decorate a tree on our balcony and put food for the birds in it" – Eva
    • "It’s not really a tradition since I’ve only started this recently, but I’ll definitely make it a personal tradition to make butter beer at the 24th of December each year" - Salix"
    • "I mix and try a new cocktail each year" – Pia"
    • "I created a game myself and play it with my family. Whoever wins a round gets to unwrap a present of his choice" - Malte
    • "After Christmas I always bake ‘New Year Cones" with cream filling" – Skadi
    • "The entire family gathers, goes to the supermarket and the children get to select whatever food they want for the money they got for their Christmas carols. Needless to say, this results in loads of junk food, chips and candy." - Fotvel

    What is YOUR unique holiday tradition? Is there anything special you do around this time of the year that you think most people are not doing? Let us know!

    Happy holidays,

    Your Rail Nation Team!

  • Hello all,

    I have no family. My wife left me 17 years ago the day after I got very sick from work due to stress. She moved abroad with our two boys, and was married to another man. Since then live alone and I do not know anything about them.

    I really like nature, animals. Whenever I have free time (even Christmas or New Year), I go for a walk outside the village where I live: on field or in the woods. I admire the beauty of nature, snow fall or snow already lay earth, I enjoy the birds, the deer, the fox, the squirrels, the bears and the other animals I see. I think the holidays I spent during childhood.

    I was raised by my grandparents because my parents never wanted me ... My grandparents do not live long, but always I remember them fondly. I remember the candles, the apples, the nuts and the candies with angels adorned Christmas tree, I remember their fragrance. I sing holiday songs that I learned from my grandparents. So I spend my winter holidays.

    I will try my best of me, so I find my female mate that with it I can enjoy myself winter holidays, as I did as a kid. I will try my best of me to be happy again, as I was a child ...

    I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas!


    Lacidd23 :saint: