winter bonus

  • last hour to connect to a city for the final task connected to one no response reboot nothing showing for completed task okay i'll waste a little gold build 3 tracks quickly connect to second city and nothing task still shows incomplete ! loss of gold to attempt what was already done is the real burn plus l don't get any chance in the bonus area for a trip to Germany !

  • Is there any way you could rephrase this? I'm not sure what happened or should have happened?

    You connected to a city, but the game did not check a task as done after you connected to a city? Please contact game support from the server where you are playing now and tell them which task you are unable to complete. Support can set the task as complete, if there's an issue with it.

  • i'm thinking a full case of beer for anyone able to provide " Proof " ( alcoholic's know ! ) that this really occured l have it selling pictures off-line on E-Bay ! It was just a drag up at 4:45 am to get it done needing money etc. then being shut out on 3 different servers was frustrating and maddening like the last 15 minutes didn't count