RN-MERRY-XMAS code not work for me on RO02 Cutia de foc server

  • Hello dear Admin,

    The RN-MERRY-XMAS code does not work at all for me, do not gave me awards, although wrote the system that is valid ...

    I tried on the server RO02 Cutia de foc, after reading in this post on the Forum (RN-MERRY-XMAS code fails miserably), that the code it works. I inserted correctly, then system gave me an error for a few seconds and appeared this message: that the code has been redeemed. Everything happened so quickly that I had no time to make screenshots.

    But you can check it: I got all the 4 days Plus Account, all 456 Golden and without free lottery ticket ...

    Please check and fix it to work. Thank you.


    Lacidd23, :saint:

    RO02 Cutia de foc

  • Hi here as well :thumbsup:

    Game support will help with any issues regarding the bonus code and they can manually add you the lottery tickets for example if those did not arrive with the code. Be sure to contact support from the server where you are playing and where you redeemed the code.

  • There are several things:

    *. if you tried before, delete cache and cookies according to the instructions of your webbrowser

    Please note, that tne bonus is only valid for one server.

    If it still doesnt work, please contact support.