• Hello, I'm new to this game and was wondering how to level up? I'm still at level one. Thank you for your time and for any help I can get :)

    Welcome to Rail Nation!

    Just keep playing and you will soon reach level 2. On level 2, your career engine will unlock that you can upgrade and you will also open a lobby where you can find all achievements. Completing these achievements will earn you more and more points to level up, and to upgrade your career engine :)

  • You need to make sure you go to the Career page to redeem the achievements in order to progress your Level.

    In the App, before you enter a Game world you will have an option to manage career. Here you will see your completed achievements and you can redeem them, as well as see what you can complete in the future.

    On a Browser, login to your account and go to the Career page and you will see the same. When I first started playing Rail Nation I looked at the easiest options to complete so I could get my Career Train going, this might be worth doing. :)

    Hope this helps.


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