🎇 Best Rail Nation 2019 memories

  • Dear players,

    Time is slowly running out and the last day of 2019 is almost over.

    We want to thank you for your presence in this great 2019 and of course we hope to see you again in Rail Nation in the coming year, which is full of exciting innovations.

    Before stepping into the new year we want to know what your best Rail Nation memory of 2019 is? Please share your best ones here with us in a post below.

    The Rail Nation team wishes you Happy New Year!

  • Hello Samisu,

    For me 2019 was a very successful year in Rail Nation community. Below are the largest and most important successes of mine:

    1:It was released the new scenario: Origin Journey, respectively Origin Journey Express, in which I played with the greatest pleasure. For me is something special, because I had the opportunity to actively participate in testing this scenario for two rounds on PTR3 server. However after on October 7th 2017 I proposed the introduction of new goods on PTR Forum: New goods - General & Idea for improvements - PTR Forum

    Thank you! I'm grateful!

    2:I finished No. 1 and I won 500 Gold, after I answering correctly all 50 questions of the contest "Rail Nation - Origin Journey" organized on Forum / Events & Contests "moderated", Romanian community. It was the longest and most tiring Rail Nation contest I participated so far: asked me a lot of patience and perseverance. Thank you! I'm grateful!

    3:I participated actively in the testing scenario Masters 2 Allstars Qualification and Masters 2 Allstars Final on PTR4 server, and I played this scenario on M21 server. Thank you! I'm grateful!

    4:I was one of the winners of "ADAM'S OFFICE CONTEST SET" on the Facebook page of Rail Nation. (I have not actually received the award, but I hope to arrive in the early days of 2020 by post.) Thank you! I'm grateful!

    5:I reached career level 24 and I became a member of the Rail Nation First Class; with this prize: the six exclusive production series of an engines, one for each Era. This happened on the live servers on December 20th 2019. Thank you! I'm grateful!

    6:It was a great pleasure for me to help, to learn, to take advice and to be helped by Rail Nation Team, especially Yaenara and Samisu on live servers, respectively Pia_BF and Lars BF on PTR servers. Thank you! I'm grateful!

    7:I met many Rail Nation players. It was a great pleasure for me to help, to learn, to take advice and to be helped by them. I hope I tied friendships... Thank you! I'm grateful!

    Dear Samisu,

    I wish you health, happiness, love, success, fulfillment of all dreams and desires! Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


    Lacidd23 :) :saint: