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  • Hi friends,

    I watch with as Steam in the Europe world, more and more players only go to the city for prestige. These players will bring nothing or little to the monument, of course the investment in the monument is zero. More and more players are discouraging the game by seeing their honest play helping someone else to deserve success.

    Let's discuss the suggestion for change - reduce the prestige points in the city monument to be a little higher than in the city, and give the prestige of the monument every day, as in the city. This will return to the original purpose of the game.

    What do you think about it? Write your opinions.


  • I would leave it as is.

    But I bring a possibility. That the location be delimited to two regions, at most 3.

    Any player should only be able to connect 10 (15) cities, 2 (3) regions, both adjacent to the home region. And they could not connect with the second region until they had connected the 5 cities of their native region. (With the third, until you have the 10 cities)

    With that, I think there would be fewer birds flying in search of prestige and they would work more on monuments and cities mainly.


  • I agree that some slight changes could be made for the prestige to the monument (right now you really want 1st place, or don't bother to deliver, if you want the prestige).

    An adjustement I would like personnally could be that you have X prestige for each good, and each player receives some prestige based on the percentage of the good delivered, rather than based on positions. That would lower the possibilities to gain prestige if you are clever, so maybe you should also increase the amount of prestige gained overall by a bit (20-30% ?). Because right now, on the server I've played in at least, we had like 4 people delivering 99% of the good (the 4th gained basically nothing), and the 5th to 9th player gained "a lot" for delivering 100 tons each.

    Prestige to cities is already lower than in other game modes (due to the city being lower level), I don't think lowering it more is really the way to go (especially because people don't really look at how much prestige they can gain that way, they just see they will gain some prestige. I've seen so many people fight for 10 PP in era 1 on the cities...).

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  • Maybe a possibility to change the prestige from city to landmark during the leveling of the landmark and prestige to the city during city leveling. And every day with the day reset the gathererd prestige is added to everybodies account.

    Each major and chosen council member of each city will be allowed to change the prestige settings.

    I'm more for removing all prestige for investing (all scenario's).

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  • Hello everyone,

    First of all, this scenario is correctly called: Steam over Europe.

    Steam over Europe has a unique strategy that does not compare with any other scenario. I understand that after two years the game Rail Nation, playing different scenarios.

    In the summer of 2019 I was fortunate enough to know and to be a member of an corporation (after having played in several other corporations and regions of Steam over Europe), with whom I had the opportunity to learn and to understand the true strategy of this scenario. As a member of this corporation to which I belonged region won more rounds. Meaning each player of the winning region receiving on the end of the round 10,000 (ten thousand) prestige as a special award for rank 1. This gave me the greatest satisfaction that I had playing this scenario, out of that I understand game strategy.

    In my opinion this scenario does not require changes, as best as it is now.

    Those who really want to know something new, to play as much as possible this scenario, until they learn from experience and with the help of skilled players. In the end they will have the same satisfaction as I do.

    Have fun and success!


    Lacidd23 :)

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  • Might be an idea to chanche the place of some Landmarks So u dont have to connect the city if u want to diliver a LM . example Glascow and London LM you need to connect these citys first before u can connect LM . iv comming from Man to Cardif or Dublin u can connect the lm without connecting the town .that would be give possebillitys if there are not much people a region.