Picking the right project for yourself

  • Hello everyone!

    What makes a good project to pick?

    2 out of 3 thinking has made it easier for me to pick the best business projects while advancing on my career.

    • Is it fun?
    • Do I gain valuable experience?
    • Does it pay well?

    A good project can be very fun and highly educational, while it doesn't pay well (or at all).

    A good project can pay very well and be fun, but it doesn't push you out of your comfort zone or teach you anything new.

    A good project can be very lucrative and educational, without giving much to enjoy while working.

    Do you agree with this 2 out of 3 thinking? Or do you need all of these (fun, pay, experience) to be present - is it even possible to have a perfect balance between these three?

    Good luck with all your business projects 2020!


    Adam Peters

  • So true. Managers should know that thinking.

    Another example for 2 out of 3 is programming ... it can be cheap, fast (quickly done) or good (correct, bug free).

    So, if managers want it cheap and soon, they will get bugs and annoyed users/customers.

    If they want it soon and correct .. it will be expensive.

    If they want it correct and cheap, they should be very very patient.

    There is one exception: if managers want it cheap, but interfere, know better, order changes and new stuff in between, or put pressure on the programmers, even the most simple bugfix will last and last and last ...

    Rem Koolhaas: „If less is more, maybe nothing is everything.“

    Eleanor Roosevelt: "Great minds discuss ideas --- average minds discuss events --- small minds discuss people."