Review "monumental" achievement

  • Devs please compare the monumental achievement levels with other achievements that yield similar amount of points.

    It's quite obviously a disproportionate amount of levels (especially the later levels) compared to the amount of Career points the achievement gives.

    Even a great player consistently getting top 10 or #1 positions in the game will only rack up a limited amount of LM-levels through a round.

    Thousands and thousands of LM lvls for one of the smallest achievements career-wise? really?

    Either lower the amount of LM lvls requires for each level or boost the amount of points it gives, the current ratio off effort-points is ridiculous, even when farming 24x servers for landmark levels with 100% reliability career engine, this is a multiple-year achievement yet yields comparatively very low amount of points.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!