Unloading wagons?

  • 1 go to trains

    2 select the train you want to switch schedules

    3 edit schedule

    4 delete schedule

    5 start making a new schedule

    6 confirm new schedule

    :engine1: NL01 Stoomketel :engine1: NL201 Euromast :engine1: COM202 Loch Ness :engine1: ES201 El Escorial :engine1:

  • Hello,

    On a steam boiler, it must have been 6 hours since I can no longer set up routes for my locos.

    I do the normal maneuver and then en route and still no defined route.

    If it could be resolved quickly because I am losing money.

    Thank you in advance.

    I found.

    I parked in town and pulled out the locos and it works