Gold Purchase

  • I want to buy gold in the game, but this is not possible except for mobile phone payment. The credit card or ininal cart tab appears to be out of service. When will this issue be resolved?

    Hi there.

    Hard to say what the issue could be based on your message, but there are things we could try right away.

    First thing you can try is refresh (or login again). Next, you can try to make the purchase using another browser. Did these help?

    The mobile phone payment options are for those playing with the app. For browser/desktop players we have separate offers in the store that should work once you have logged in to your account via browser. Is the tab still out of service for you?

  • I tried with chrome and firefox browser but it still not work.

    Okay, in that case please contact game support from the gameworld where you play, and tell them you tried different browsers but it didn't help. Also mention when the issues with shop started.