Indicator of newest/oldest Required Good in cities

  • It would be helpful if Required Goods in cities would be labelled as for example "I newest", "II", "III" and "IV oldest" so we know which will drop out first and which dlop out last.
    In city info it would be useful to have.

  • When you do good dividing when you're playing with more then 1 assoc. you can make the notice there or you have to write it down for yourself. but it's a good idea, so you can be sure what's going out.

  • Yeah it's usually written down somewhere, but I agree that it could easily be implemented, and would be so much more user-friendly (especially when you have connected a few cities, and ponder whether to connect one industry or not for example, not knowing if the good is gonna last for a few days or only 4 hours).

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  • When a city levels up, i used to switch most of my trains to the latest. It gives good profit at that time, lower wait time and also ensures that the money spent on wagons is returned quickly and have a decent wagon stock for each type. I slowly reduce number of trains running on old items.

    Yes, its a very good to have feature