Your Rail Nation Story

  • Happy Birthday Rail Nation!

    This year, Rail Nation is turning 7 years old already. If we look back to the very beginning of Rail Nation and how much has changed during these years, and in the fast-moving world of games in general, it's quite a lot! The first scenario we started with was, and still is called 'Classic', but the map, engines and the whole game looked pretty different back then. Let's have a look at a screenshot from the Alpha:

    In 2014, we expanded Rail Nation to include the USA scenario, and then in the year 2016, the Steam over Europe scenario was introduced to bring new challenges, pushing everyone towards a new strategy. In 2015, the first passenger trains started their journey between cities. We have also redesigned the interface completely, and the latest version of the research tree is over a year old.

    Time is running fast, and it hasn't left its mark only on our game, but also on you - the community. Over the years, numerous friendships have been formed in this community, and some associations have been playing together for many rounds.

    Many of you have been with us for a remarkable part of that time, or the entire 7 years of it! For this Happy Anniversary, we would like to hear your personal Rail Nation story! When did you join the game? How did that happen? What made you stay? And what is the most amazing event or story you have experienced in that time?

    Let us know!

    Your Rail Nation team

  • 🚂🚃🚃🚃

    I had to go back and find one of the older posts first to figure out when my Rail Nation journey started. Based on my highly sophisticated calculations, that was Spring-ish 2016. Steam over Europe was fresh off the wagon and I think we had two different user interfaces around then ...and the long UI discussions ahead of us.

    Here's a fun fact I'm not sure many knows about: I jumped head first to Rail Nation and to the transportation game, but the realistic engines and the technical history of railways felt as distant as the last plank of First Transcontinental Railroad when they started building it in 1863. With time I learned more about engines, read articles and watched videos, and now last summer I heard the strangest thing from a friend - 'everyone has that one quirky friend' - after seeing me be so inspired by an engine museum exhibit. 😬

    Cheers 🍻 to that and cheers to Rail Nation, Happy Birthday on 28th 🎉

    How long have you been playing and do you have any special memories to share?

  • My Rail Nation adventure started in 2013 when I was playing 2 other games from Travian Games; Miramagia and Travian Legends.

    Rail Nation was being advertised and I thought okay let's give it a try although I have no conncetions to trains or whatsoever!

    I started on one of the first com servers and in the beginning I did not understand a single thing; felt so stupid. Had to ask around for help (e.g. integration). Luckily a lot of fellow players were so kind to explain it to me and after the server was over I wanted to play another one to improve myself. After a couple of servers I convinced some Travian Legends friends to join and we started a common association in the Dutch domain.

    We played several rounds together but by now the association members changed a bit; some like USA better, others SoE. I still only play Classic and I like the express servers the best. With my current association I play round after round. I have to say the game has become more difficult in my opinion and also the lower player number on servers sometimes is a bit difficult, but I still like the game and am still around!

    Happy Birthday Rail Nation and keep up surprising us with new stuff.


  • Hello Samisu,

    I first played Rail Nation in the summer of 2014 for about two months. I liked it very much, because he was a gentle and interesting game. I left him because my work leave me very little free time. But I'm back in the summer of 2017, when I started working from home. Since autumn 2017 I started to test new features on the PTR (Public Test Realm), and then I like more Rail Nation. Is the only virtually game I play since.

    I found this game on the internet, trying to have fun. I'm sick of wild games with cars, racing cars and trucks ...

    I'm glad I stayed true to this game, because there are many different versions: Classic, Express, USA, Europe, Master, Origin Journey, Festival or community events and contests, winter event, competitions on facebook, etc.

    Also I am sure that after the Rail Nation developers team end the HTML5 version of the game, they will create new scenarios to be as interesting as the date.

    Too bad I was not able to play and Alpha version, I had a great time with it. Instead I played old editions of Beta Rail Nation, which then were forgotten about, because they have been changed.

    I wish continued success Rail Nation Team! Fulfillment of all desires! Happy Birthday!

    With respect and love,

    Lacidd23 :)

    PS: For me the most beautiful and most enjoyable Rail Nation events were in 2019. I wrote about them extensively in the posting: 🎇 Best Rail Nation 2019 memories