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  • Hmm good idea, what you think about 2 prestige point for every 1 gold bought? That way should be easier to win round if you pay enough, don't you think?

    We could have a short pause between the end of EG and the actual end of the game, you could be prompted a window saying like "would you like to pay X$ to earn enough prestige to win the game?"

    You know, it would do the calculation and give you a number, or even better, you could have an auction for winning the game.

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  • Lol, yes, what a great idea. Let's kill the game entirely :P

    Oh wait, the game is already dead ....


    - If you want to win by doing nothing (by buying gold), just buy an endless amount of wait time reduction vouchers.

    - Connect at least 25 cities on Day 2 of the server (like several did in the Masters qualifier and final), again with free money from endless ticket buying.

    - If you want to win unfairly, and annoy everyone else on the server at the same time, just buy an insane amount of instant dispatch vouchers and a 2nd set of trains.

    Do all prestige comps all over the map by instantly appearing on the other side of the map, with 0:00 travel and 0:00 wait time.

    Also, grab all level up happy hours all over the map with 0:00 travel and 0:00 wait time.

    - If you want to gamble your money away, buy 1000 tickets at a time like the 'best' (ed. read 'richest') players in the game do, to get fully upgraded Olympus trains on day 1 of Era 6 and don't forget to exchange the mountain of coins for prestige after you got your trains.

    - Do not wait for scratching the 1000 tickets to give you both bonus trains every Era, you can get them even faster. Just buy them immediately with gold including all upgrades.

    - Instantly upgrade your hotel (and / or all other buildings) to max level on Day 1 (with money from the 1k tickets).

    Did I forget any unfair, easy, nonsensical ways of winning this game? I'm sure I did. There are plenty.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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  • There needs to be better rewards for those who buy & use gold - how about prestige with purchases?

    One "Mastercard" server per year is enough, there the victory is bought with gold purchases. At regular servers also the victories are bought with gold. And with adding prestige to gold buys this isn't a game anymore but an auction who has the most money to spend.

    I like the feature of le Dark Vador, minus prestige for big spenders. Or compete without ranking for big spenders.

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  • RN is not the only game where this is, many browser/phone/social media games are this. And even some AAA PC/Console games like FIFA too, where rich kids have in no time big load of first owned or high rated players by buying packs for several 100's of dollars/euros/pounds.

    See no other way then stop with this game

  • Of course, and it's not a problem. They just don't need to make it worse by letting players buy prestige' directly.

    That would be ridiculous. Why play the game at all then if you can just buy the prestige you need to win on the last day of the server?

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!