Primus Train Competitions

  • Hi all,

    my new porposal is to have some competitions to win Primus train.

    An idea could be to have 1 race for each era (for example, on day 7).

    My suggestion is to make these competitions with golds registration mandatory.

    Registration is forbidden to who already have the Primus train.

    Let me know your ideas, I think it could be a good opportunity !

    Best Regards to all of you,


  • In the regular Competitions is already once in a while a previous era train to win. But bit more special is to:

    A certain good has to be delivered xxxx Tonnes off. Where it doesn't matter where you deliver it and is for whole server the same. For example "Deliver 1000t of copper ore".

    And EnReDouble has even maybe better idea :)

    See no other way then stop with this game

  • In my mind, the competition itself can be just similar to the actual bonus trains competitions.

    I imagine that, on every day 7 of each era (the "Primus day"), in several cities and at different hours, will start Primus train competitions.

    The only limitations are :

    1- only gold registration

    2- registration allowed only for who haven't the train

  • Heya!

    Took a while for the suggestion to do its rounds, but in the end Primus is simply too valuable for casual contests and events. We want to save Primus for very special occasions, one of which is the super rare lottery win.

    Primus is up there close to the chance of winning Gold Rush, another super rare win.

  • Hello,

    yes I can agree with you, but we are talking about only 6 competitions per server, just 6 trains....

    competitions are divided in groups based on prestige. 6*4 you speak about 24 trains. And I'm not very impressed about the primus.

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  • Chance to win Primus: 0,1%

    Chance to win Gold Rush: 0,003%

    Or about 33 times more difficult than winning the Primus, hardly close :)

    I would still support a Primus comp, sounds fun!

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