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  • Hi all,

    In my association we have a player changing his hometown to our town. This works well except for the fact, that he seems to still belong to the other region, where he started. We have been wondering about the following too: When there is a (ordinary) competation in our hometown he can join it but will be playing it all alone and always winning. The rest of us are playing the competition together with other players from our town and region and there might be many of us.

    What goes on?


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  • Also for the competition, there are different competitions happening simultaneously (based on prestige points). I don't recall the threshold, but I suppose he has less prestige points than you, and therefore is with the "less active" players for the competition.

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  • Direct quotes from the german part of the forum (Klasse = class or league):

    Thats how it used to be. 2 more classes were added. Bruno_BF is one of the developers of the game.

    Bald gibt es noch

    Klasse 7 - ab 150.000

    Klasse 8 - ab 200.000

    mit besseren Preisen

    Now there are 8 "leagues" or "classes" for competitions. You need to have at least as much prestige points as written there to take part of it. The other constraint is that there need to be at least 10 players connected to a city in a league to make the competitions happen.

    In the later stages of the game the more active players are usually in the higer leagues so that there isn't much competition in a competition.

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  • First quoted part, is in SOE or US. There you swap city but still keep your original starting region. For example if you start Atlantic Railroad (Blue) and swap to a Pacific Railroad city. You stay Atlantic Railroad. SOE: If you start in Amsterdam (Central) and change to Brussels (West), you stay Central Region member.

    General ordenary competitions are for everyone allone, you have to deliver, not your ally or city. City competitions (once a week) are based on what is deliverd to that city and is for everyone with that city.

    Thoose same groups that is posted, is also same for Lottery?

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  • Is there a way to change your region after 1st era? I am part of a corp in a different region and would like to switch to that region. is there a way to do this?