New facilities, tracks and gold (ptr2)

  • 1.When and how do we get new facilities/industries?

    2. I can build a lot of tracks but they only lead to spots where something will be built in the future. What shall I do with them?

    3. I got 7K gold when I started, I have 3.9 left. I lost a couple K somewhere I don't know how. Do we get new gold or does this have to be sufficient to the end? As I understood I can't buy new gold on this server.

    4. Yes, I'm a newbie.

  • Thanks for your answer, I will check PTR forum instead :)

    I did chose PTR to learn about the game before I start on a regular server as it said it was free gold.

    I think the forum link shall lead to ptr forum when I play on a ptr server.

    Edit: found where to click to get to ptr forum, it was a small text link in blue, not the big green one =)

    Ptr forum don't seems to be a place to ask about how the game works. I'm still wonder about the best way to lay tracks :)

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  • you better can ask this question ingame, but the PTR servers are played mostly by German players. If you can speak and write German it communicates easier there.

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  • Do you need a map where the goods will come? And which map is the PTR 2 at the moment?

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

  • They might. Unfortunately there is no Gold income/expense account to look it up yourself. You just have to 'trust' the system, which is asking a lot.

    I would like to verify / check gold expenditure and ticket prizes as well, to make sure they were added as the ticket system can be 'glitchy' if you don't refresh the browser every 10 minutes.

    And wishing you a warm welcome to the USA, you really moved your iglo to the heat?

    Thankfully I'm north of you this time hehe.

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  • Support will tell where the gold was spent if you contact them. If around 3k Gold suddenly vanishes, might've been one of the bonus engines fully researched. Better ask someone from the PTR support so they can check past events on your account.

    Is it any other way to be in contact with ptr support than trough the forum?

  • With general gameplay related questions (smartest way to lay tracks for example), try asking the other players in-game or here on forum: Question & Answers

    For a collection of guides and tutorials, have a look here: 📚 Guides and Tutorials

    And game support you can find for the regular game worlds here: Support : Rail Nation - PTR does not have ticket service and you should report the issues on PTR forum instead.

    If you really wish to learn how the game goes, join a regular live server and try things out. We have servers starting all the time and different scenarios (different maps and mechanics). Doesn't matter if something goes wrong the first time, you can jump to as many servers as you wish. Plus, other players will be happy to help answer your questions and teach the game when you join their association.

  • Safiren from Travian?

    Shhh ^^

    Do you remember the name Cerafil? Friend of mine who have played more Travian then me. Even I have played it more recent then him.

    Edit: Safiren sounds very familiar. Pff 2007, 2008 2009. The old Travian now Legends called? Otherwise Travian Kingdom Oct/Nov last year, Maki has some Dutch players on TK.

    See no other way then stop with this game

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  • Samisu Thanks, I've checked the guides. And I think you're right about bonus engine, it's probably there I spent my gold. So next era I waited for a bonus voucher :D

    Müllermeier I'm playing Legends Tournament for now. On Kingdoms I've only played test. 'You have maybe read my Corner about the Tournament.

  • The PTR server that's a testserver so you will notice more bugs that you have to report on the ptr forum so they can take them out, besides that you will notice that it can happen that you suddenly can skip days or even era's or even get a restart when they need it to test something out, that's why you get gold there.

  • Safiren is the legend! 8)

    But yes, probably, The Tournament is the annual championship server of Travian 'Legends', very similar to our Mastercard final. 8o

    She is very well know for her objective, informative and thorough reporting, blogs & interviews which form a great source of tournament information for the players. Something every game should have!

    We're getting a bit off-topic though...

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!