Wrong translations in game

  • In Dutch are also many issues in translations, it's even a joke

    Would you like to give the complete text (sentence or sentences) where the translation needs to be fixed? I hear there are many places with the word 'free' and the translation files are pretty huge.

    It is on the wagon count list. Your Free wagons.

    Where the word Free has double meaning in English, but in other language's are 2 different words:

    1.: That bike is free to be used (unoccupied) -> Dutch: Ongebruikt or Vrij

    2.: I got that bike for free (not had to pay for) -> Dutch: Gratis

    See no other way then stop with this game

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  • I would be very happy to forward examples of translations to be fixed to our team of translators!

    And thank you for a well documented example, could you add the full Dutch sentence for me and we're good to go!

    A good example I can forward right away:

    Language: "..."

    Original text: "full sentence where the word or words are located that need fixing in the original language"
    My suggestion: "your suggestion of the same sentence, but fixed"
    Reason: "why the change is needed (rough translation for example that shows why original is wrong)"

  • For wrong use of English Free? On the wagons page it is just as loose word. It's on the wagons/railcars page of the Train Tab. Is the same as the Turkish Translation Issue that Mondokko states.

    From each good you have x railcars -> 0 (free: 0)

    Now it says in dutch -> 0 (gratis: 0), but should be -> 0 (vrij: 0)

    For others, when seeing them, will put as provided table.

    See no other way then stop with this game

  • Not a translation issue, but something else what may be fixed.

    At the association window - recruit player subwindow, and the search association subwindow:

    In both cases the last sentence states:

    "Tip: you can …….."

    In the Dutch translation (which is the same word) it states "TIp" (with 2 capitals!) instead of "Tip".

    :engine1: NL01 Stoomketel :engine1: NL201 Euromast :engine1: COM202 Loch Ness :engine1:

    :engine1: ES201 El Escorial :engine1: DE101 Golden Gate :engine1:

  • I am the Dutch translator and all mentioned issues have been solved long ago in our translation system. Reason they are still not changed ingame is that the game has not been updated for a while. With the next update I assume the langugae section will be updated as well.