🎁 Compensatory Birthday Sale 🎁

  • 🎂 Missed the first Rail Nation Birthday sale? 🎂

    Dear players,

    A birthday is no birthday without presents, and so we have created you a nice +50% Flash sale and a voucher code: LUCKY-NUMBER-7

    This sale is active only on servers that were offline or in endgame during the last Flash sale.

    Flash Sale 12.02.2020 13:00 UTC until 14.02.2020 13:00 UTC

    • +50% Gold bonus in all packages in both browser and app (sms packages are excluded)
    • Additional feature sale: 10 lottery tickets -35%
    • Servers that already had this Flash sale two weeks ago will not get a new sale.

    🎁 LUCKY-NUMBER-7 voucher code can be redeemed from the in-game Rail Nation Shop. Please type the code exactly as written for it to work. The code expires on 29th of February, 2020.


    Happy birthday and thank you for all these years!

    Your Rail Nation team