Levelling other cities

  • Does anyone have an opinion on this? It has beome a thorny issue in my association, and I'll be honest I cant see any benefit thas is substatially worthwile I am happy to learn but from my point of view any ton to another city is a ton your home city doesn't get so this delays your home city's level up. My associates are convinced that it is the way to go and I would willingly suport it if there is good advantage other than the naive belief that these other city dwellers will help you in endgame.:|

    1. First and most important reason: Its boring not to level other cities. 14 days per era for 8 levels means you are left with 6 days where you can't level your own city and need something to do.
    2. It helps your passenger haulers. More money, more prestige (benefits the association too) and less waiting times for them. Especially when you spread the level ups of your own city over the era and level the neighbours in the meantime.
    3. More money and prestige for you too if you deliver goods to the neighbours between level ups of your own city.
  • I have to agree with Hilti, we level also our homecity and two surrounding cities. It's a fact that endgame cities won't enter the endgame at maximum level. At most servers they stop at level 40 or lower. To stay active we level cities around us, it's fun and gives more income and prestige. If we shouldn't do this our members would quit the game because it has become a boring game. I speak for classic servers.

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  • In addition to what was said (which are the 2 main reasons, prestige is usually not accurate because when you deliver to another city, other people steal some PP on your city, and top delivery spots on high level cities is much more valuable) :

    It can allow for some strategical EG preparation (if you and another top level city both level up 3 cities to 40+, the 10th city cannot really sit at level 30 and wait, pressure will come from the 11th and 12th (because you removed 4 additional spots with the 4 "fake cities").

    It's very useful in SoE and USA scenarios (points for your region).

    It's great for competitions

    In less populated servers, you can discover and level up industries using those neighbouring cities, while keeping your main city at level 35-40 if you wish.

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  • If you are playing a Classic Server or a SoE then it is well worth leveling neighboring Cities. Extra money for Passengers when you are needing Passengers yourself. Additionally more opportunities for bigger Prestige/Research Point competitions, and higher amounts of Money from the Competitions which will help develop your Train Station/Tracks/Wagons for End Game.


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