Game is too slow now with html5!!! :(((

  • HTML5 is absolute crap. The game loads longer, everything is much slower, scrolling for the search for trainspotter takes far too long, only goes millimeter.

    If all servers are converted to HTML5, I'm out of the game

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  • Still hanging on the loading screen for DE205 Holstentor.

    DE08 Kuppelstange was loading without no Problem.

    My Specs:

    i7-3740 QM

    16 GB Ram

    GTX 680m 2GB VRam

    Win 10 Home

    newest Firefoxversion


    after deleting the cache, at least i was able to get on the Server.

    but it's still not very smooth in zooming, moving the Camera and to go to station

  • I have same problem and sometimes i cannot login to game, I wait 2 or 3 hours. I can only login with mobile phone. it is so annoying

  • As much geeks I'am playing on linux, my browser is Mozilla the last update and better as before to htmls, my pc is old 5 years dual core 4 go ram, and for me htmls is better than flash, more quickly and can playing easely on lowscreen.

    For Windows if your browser working bad, play on opéra the solution for old pc.

    I have no solution for mac, the more recent is à g5, lol!

  • Just did a quick comparison between "Holstentor" and "arc the triomph" I didn't notice much (if any) difference in performance here. Maybe due to the fact I didn't build many tracks. I did notice that the html version takes up much much more RAM than flash. This could cause the performance decrease for some ppl.

    I used:

    Seamonkey browser (probably latest version)

    Fedora linux 31

    i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz × 8

    GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

    8 GB RAM (+ Much more SWAP which didn't got used)

    I did noticed the html game is much smoother in chrome than in seamonkey. However I can't run flash anymore in chrome. So in that respect: I can run the html smoother than flash on my system.

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  • Is this even right place 4 this? But at PTR3, last round worked better and smoother at HTML5, now everything is so slow, like map and everything.

    Win10, Edge. Firefox heats the computer, chrome has other issues...

  • Gameworld: DE 201 Brandenburger Tor

    Same Error (Game too slow and nearly unplayable)


    Processor: AMD A4-5300 APU with Radeon 3,4GHz

    Mainboard: GA-F2A55M-DS2

    16GB RAM

    Win 10 pro 64Bit V1903

    tried Browser: FF 74.0, MS Edge

    Edit: If RN in Front CPU 100%, RN visible but other Window in Front CPU 80% (Browser MS Edge). Same in FF, but FF uses only 1 CPU Kernel.

    Edit2: I read here Google Chrome works fine, so i tried it. It works a litte bit better, so the Game is playable, but not good.

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  • yepp, same over here. really slllooooww, in addition: scrolling and zooming is delayed.

    but i love the graphics.

    Graphics..., the "graphics" remind me of Commodore 64 or Amiga 500 35 years ago!

    This "release" is a disaster, no one probably tested this "....." at all.

    This boring game, is with this Migration not only boring anymore, it as also unplayable.

    Unbelieveable that this shall be a result of month of developing ….. haha... ridiculous!

    I hope noone will pay for this rubbish anymore!

  • I play on 4 servers where html5 still not are active, so i tried to register on DE107 for testing it.... its horrible. In 4 hours i do more refresh than i do in 2 days on the 4 other servers combined. So count the servers i play on in the future 4 3 2 1... Out and goodbye RN.

  • if you introduce something new you should also make sure that everything works as well as possible, but that's just ...

    everything slower, delayed, you fly out continuously, display not good, timetable calculator you have to log in again often to use it, etc.

    so it is no fun to play this game and also to spend money. I expect more from a changeover

  • First impression after 1 hour gaming with html 5 version:

    wtf.... the performance is horrible... its too slow

    It wasn´t fast with flash, but with html 5 its almost unplayable

    Do you regularly delete your cache? HTML5 runs much smoother once the assets are loaded into the cache, hence, why it usually works much better once you've logged in again after the first time.

    Hope it'll improve for you!

    Kind Regards,