Game is too slow now with html5!!! :(((

  • Playing this game have no more sense! Unplayable at Mac with Firefox or, as you suggest, Chrome. The same on PC. While previously I could play several servers at once, now it's impossible to play even on one! The amount of bugs is also ridiculous. How come the beta tests didn't show this?! There's a bug on top of a bug. And on top of this there's another bug. It's so annoying that you should pay us to play it! No one tested that, let's admit it. Or you just, knowing the amount of all the glitches and disastrous performance, made us your beta testers. So unprofessional!

    Get to work and stop pulling the wool over our's eyes! So many people already posted their system/computer configurations, that you exactly know, that the problem is not on one browser or system. It's the overall performance problem. Hope you solve it quick, before all the players will find a game that works and where the developers do their job.

  • I'm fairly new and I was just getting the hang of everything before server change (WHY?). Now its hit and miss on login, very slow in actual use and worst of all keeps freezing and crashing. If it's not fixed or change back to old server I will be logging out permanently.

  • I play under linux and mozilla (chrome is too wasteful of ram) and by restarting regularly it goes very well and it restarts quickly, and I always have the terminal open to empty the ram, there is just a big bug that arrives very quickly when I want to watch the competitions, there is just a small loco running, there is too high a request for data to the server. (lplm, la petite loco de la mort, lol! or lld little loco of dead mdr!)

    For my friends who unfortunately suffer Windows (on the ptr we have html for months), I advised to test Opera, they are very happy with it.

  • This is no fun anymore. The respons from the game is far to slow and missing a competion due to the fact that the server or the game doesn't react fast enough. I had to restart the game twice and still nothing happened.

    I'm using Firefox and I don't want to use either IE or Crome. Both of them sucks.

    Please go back to the previous version and fix most of the bugs before launching tnis HTM5 disaster

  • Hello, before the update I could play on several servers at the same time. It's become impossible. The parts are very slow to load and I'm constantly cut off. It's disheartening. Too bad I love this game. Quick do something please

  • Game is Extremely slow at loading ..Have to refresh page and wait for it to load a little more then Repeat...Need to speed it up glacier speed to Nascar speed...

  • i thought i was the only one with this problem. I have tried all the browsers and its not funny can not do anything because its so slow the game. I must now also click on the cities to see what they need and also for the goods. Changing from goods is more then 2 minutes and after a comp i must relog because i can not click on the goods. If this stay so then i stop with the game

  • We are working hard and putting all our efforts into making this switch from Flash to HTML5 as smooth as possible.

    Some players are getting a more slow game experience than others, but are finding help from switching to another browser.

    Please have a look here: HTML5 - Announcements

    to learn about different browsers and about our progress with bugs.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

  • Sadly this great fun game is no longer any fun. It is a massive chore to collect bonuses and reschedule trains. It takes me around 8 to 10 times longer than it used to. I simply don't have this amount of spare time to devote to the game. I am a long time player and I play with some gold, I am usually on 2 to 3 servers at a time - I must be an ideal customer but Rail Nation is forcing me out. Very sad - very bad business. I wish all the hundreds of players that I have played with over many years the best of health - stay safe in the difficult times.....we may play something else together in the future.....

  • Html5 works pretty good, just slowing down over the time so browser needs to be restarted.

    Train rename - would be nice to have cursor on field and Capital 1st by default.

    Also rename would be with previous name - i am adding numbers only not full name(Ctrl+C/V helps a bit)

    Train stations bonus collection and quick re-scheduling - still way too slow(since Html5 is introduce i cant collect enough bonuses to get free ticket).

    When Moving trains to Museum, Service train option appear with 1-2s delay, causing to hit wrong button.

    "You dont have enough money...'' - i am not able to switch off this annoying pop-up message, dont see it in options.

  • p.s. is it about internet bandwith on server side ? Cant calculate so many factors for all players at the same time ?

    I can see performance differ when my own network slowing down.

  • What is the reason that the licenses give ZERO benefit ?, New update new blunder. Now you do not know if you are adding with the bonus or you have left your money in vain when bidding for the licenses.