• Samisu, that new method is not as innocent as you say. They collect much more data than is necessary. In addition, that data (via cookies) is shared with many companies. And if you go to those companies, they can in many cases also sell your data on to other parties.

    And all of that by agreeing to watch movies

    So I advise players to carefully read all the information before they agree. So they make a good decision.


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  • Hello, to those people experiencing issues with not being able to continue the video, and the continue button stays on Screen, please go into your settings and ensure you're not preventing third party cookies as this may be what is preventing you from continuing.

    Here is some links to instructions for the most common browsers:

    Google Chrome


    Microsoft Explorer


    If you need any further help to do this, you can start a conversation with me on the forum and I will try to help.


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  • sorry @Emziie, your suggestion to enable 3rd party cookies is a risk i dont need to play a game

    safari has them disabled since some years ago, Firefox in very short while will block them as well, the only advertising company interested in keeping them is google which in my case has them blocked in Chrome also

    Google to ‘phase out’ third-party cookies in Chrome, but not for two years - The Verge

    you should try a different approach to the issue because at this moment flash is not asking for this kind of permissions and probably some others will to like me and avoid playing html servers now, and probably when all will be html to quit playing

    it`s the same issue as the one you have now with flash, this technology is phased out by all major browsers, 3rd party cookies is the next one to be phased out by all, do a proper job and avoid the road that needs people to lower security

  • We made a small change to the cookie consent message.

    If a player has not allowed 3rd party cookies, then advertisers (3rd parties) will not play the videos via the ad video player. After clicking on 'continue to site', a new message shows that tells which links to follow and how to allow the cookies.

    Players are free to make the choice themselves, will they allow 3rd parties to play videos or not. No way to go around this unfortunately. Advertisers wish to know their videos are shown to the right people who might be interested in their products or services, and they will not play these videos unless they can confirm this through cookies.

    For more information, please see the other two inks: Information that may be used and Purposes for storing this information.

  • SAMISU, It was not a small change it was a big change, and it happend in the middle of my game, may be it would have been best that such changes made by rn should be made at the start of a game round, with such changes its sad to see that rn are more interested in selling advertising that making games, please pass on to the brains behind such a change in the middle of my game, and if theres no one at rn that cant see that then what sad and bad businness practice you employ. dont hide behind the law, i think rn owe the custormers and players more than that, has said you could have atleast let me finish my game round, put it back the way it was, let players finish the round they started, then we can deside if we want to allow the cookies, when we start another game,

  • the funny thing is that the game was changed because of flash (which will be disabled without options to be enabled in all browsers in 1 year) but they used this thing to implement a very nasty advertisement ring there with over 100+ companies which need to be allowed to save cookies (if done one by one) at any site where they are present (this is what 3rd party means)

    but the most pervert thing done here is that the ads itself are not changed at all, they even use flash :)))

    just a nice grab for money from the developers selling customers to the advertisement industry

    ps. no reason for me to keep adblocker disabled anymore, so i turned it up back today

  • Almost all of the servers are still running on Flash, and the cookie consent is not asked because of the HTML5 switch.

    🍪 Cookie consent

    'Starting in the next days, you might encounter a new screen when watching videos in Rail Nation, asking you for your consent for cookies, as you probably know it from many homepages. This additional confirmation is necessary due to new legal requirements. So, if you see this, don’t worry, it’s not a bug or error, but a necessary change we had to implement.'

  • I join the band of unhappy travellers. I like to maintain my privacy setting on my computer - its part of maintaining good data security. If we can only watch videos if we allow cookies, then that is not ok. Gaining a reward from switching on in game advertising is one thing. But it is not acceptable to expect us to open our security settings to allow those companies data on our location etc.

    That's the videos out for me! Poor show RN.


    I pressed MANAGE SETTINGS (Left Option) and the screen disappeared and video started running (MS Edge).

    I gave no permission to collect any info/data, etc or forward any info/data to thirth parties.

    Only option I see is to report this to PA Office and stop playing this game.

    See no other way then stop with this game

  • Mülleimer™

    Here are the screens you went through. Manage your choices (Left Option) takes you to a new screen (the second image).

    Here you can learn how the information is used, accept cookies by selecting 'Continue using site' (= video player) or not accept them by closing the window from either one of the X-icons shown in the top right corner.

    Since you selected 'Continue using site', you can go to your browser settings and disable the 3rd party cookies from there if you do not wish to play ads.

    I was wondering would 'Continue watching videos' be a better choice of words?

  • I know what I pressed and that was the "Manage Your Choices" option.

    See no other way then stop with this game

  • Hello,

    I did the update, and I don't have a counter, always a message "video not available"

  • I had the update, can still watch videos but I don't get a reward anymore. I play by iOs


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  • Hello,

    I did the update, and I don't have a counter, always a message "video not available"

    I had the update, can still watch videos but I don't get a reward anymore. I play by iOs

    Have you contacted support yet? And did you get an answer?

    Edit: If you can't get reward after watching the countdown, close the station and reopen it.

  • Playkng from mobile (android.) Havent been able to watch a video for about 4 months now....submitted a ticket a couple months ago and was given the standard "blah blah blah we're working on it" response. 2 months later a new patch with "bug fixes" nice that you guys can't even bother to list what you supposedly fixed on the play store.....but whatever you fixed, it wasn't the videos, as I still can't view those.