Schedule bugs

  • SO last week alot of my reschedules have failed.. meaning i press a full new schedule using the plus function.. but for some reason one or two engines do not respond and stay where they are

    even worse have it been because when i park up for a competition, and use the competitions schedule function while parked.. these 1 or 2 engines return to the shcdule i parked from instead of running hte competition as i have clicked

    i asked support they call it visual bug.. but the competition call it 2 engines down in haul strengt

    i cleared browser, and all that

    could it be possible that my engine list have a bug.. and should i contact support one more time ?

    anyone having this issue.. its only for one world i have this.. support claims it is still visual even if my tonnage say otherwise

    please advice as i kinda bought gold for the plus function reschedules and they are simply not working ?

  • Hello, a little problem with the traind red kit, it has not delivered anything since yesterday. How to do ? Thank you

    parking the train(s) in a city can help

    it's great, thank you so much

    A bonus engine, which the red kite is, can't parked at the museum.

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