• Most of the time the game runs great. Sometimes I get REALLY bad, unplayable, lag. At first I figured that my low end laptop just couldn't handle such a cool game. After playing for almost two months, every day, I'm sure that my machine is not the problem. It's strange how it comes and goes. When it comes, I close my browser... sometimes reboot just to be sure.

    I'm curious if anyone else experiences this phenomenon. If so I will feel much better knowing it is not my machine. It's not so terrible that I can't deal with it every now and then. Let me emphasize, MOST of the time the game runs very well.

    Does anyone else experience this or have an explanation? Perhaps a recommendation?

    Rail Nation Digital Railway Tycoon

    COM03 Smoke Chamber

  • What you do restarting your browser or your computer is good. Also clearing your cache memory, deleting cookies and your internet history regular will help. Rail nation players refresh their browser regular and have the most cleared computer of all gamers ;).

    When you are a longer period online the game and other sites you visit are filling up slowly your computer memory.

    I have a lag when my computer is downloading system upgrades in the background, or my virus program does a scan.

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