Incorrect amount of transferable gold

  • I'm an old player and was occasionally deleting avatar and save (transfer) gold for later rounds. Never had an issue, whether the gold was purchased or won through the game. Whatever I have was always smoothly transferred until now. For some RL issues, I decided to drop the round and delete avatar. But when I attempted to transfer the gold, I got a mismatched amount as demonstrated in attached screenshot. The amount of gold I have was forwarded from previous round as the startup gold for this round. Yet, 660 are being deducted from the transferable amount! No purchases were made.

    Contacting support didn't help. The CS Rep. kept repeating that the amount is automatically calculated and no errors in the system. I requested escalating it to a senior but the rep. refused and closed the ticket since the issue was resolved; the worst support I ever encountered in my whole life! The mismatch is obvious and the screenshot is clear, and they have access to my account to verify. Simply put, if I have x amount of gold in bar, then the whole amount should be transferable as was always the case. In the absence of support and the decline of escalation, I found no option but to post it here.

    Thank you

  • Hi Sead, only purchased gold is transferable. Gold you won or got for free for other reasons you only can transfer by exchanging that into plus account days.

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  • Since when? Have you read what I said? I haven't purchased gold for years. I started previous round with 31k of gold, gathered from promotions and game during previous period. NONE was purchased, yet, it was all there transferred from previous rounds. Do I understand you have changed that now?

  • I'm afraid you are wrong. I was able to smoothly transfer ALL the gold I have (purchased or won through the game) directly from the game without contacting support. AND never encountered such situation. I've done that several times before. I've been playing the game over 10 years.

  • Hi there Saed

    When transferring gold, the game will tell you how much can be transferred before you make the decision to leave a game world (purchased gold and Plus Account).

    If you decide to continue in the same game world when it restarts, the unused gold will wait for you there - which explains why you have more gold than what you can transfer. Moving gold from one server to another will only move the purchased gold (and Plus), this has not changed.

    There's no need to contact support, Gold transfer can be found from the options > transfer gold