Possibility of fixing the Bonus Situation on tablets

  • We seemed to have come from the point where bonus videos didn't work very well, if at all on tablets, to the point where people can collect the bonus reward in about 5 seconds.

    It has caused massive issues in the association i'm in.

    Basically people can anonymously wipe out everyones bonus videos in a matter of minutes.

    That's crazy, and not very nice.

    We've gone from one extreme to another.

    My association previously had a good team understanding, where everyone could watch each others bonus videos when the time left went under 20 minutes.

    Worked really well. As a PC user i could watch a certain amount, as could other PC users.

    With this 5 second issue on the tablets now, they are scoured away quickly.

    Surely RN can't leave the situation like that, as i'm sure my association isn't alone where members are getting upset.

  • Hi there,

    Sounds like you've got familiar with the new, and temporary change. Mobile version of the game can only play videos once the game has moved to HTML.

    We did not want to force mobile players to watch a black screen for the duration of long ads, so they will have a black screen until you usually can tap 'skip' the video.

    This change becomes unnecessary when we switch to HTML, and then the videos will once again play the same way on all platforms. For now, players do have the option to watch black screen on mobile for 5 seconds if they wish, or watch ad videos on pc/mac.

    It might not be the ideal solution for everyone, but it is still a good solution and a very temporary one. PC players who watch a lot of videos can pick up the mobile version if the wish to watch a 5 sec black screen.

  • It won't stay like this forever, but right now we either have this or no video bonuses at all. We didn't want to take video bonuses away, so we decided to temporarily giving away them for free.

    Sadly this is something we can't fix for mobile devices right away. This problem is related to HTML5 and the external video providers and changing this will take some time.

  • Having a plus account with the insured bonus, and not receiving it is worse, and what would be possible claims of deceptive advertising, paying for something you do not receive, etc., etc.

    They have found a correct and temporary solution with the option of 5 seconds without viewing videos.

    Tener cuenta plus con el bono asegurado, y no recibirlo es peor, y lo que supondría posibles reclamaciones de publicidad engañosa, pagar por algo que no recibes, etc, etc.

    Han encontrado una solución correcta y temporal con la opción de 5 segundos sin visualización de vídeos.