Wait time jumped within recalc

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    I wanted to write this to support before the round ended but couldn't find the time. Here's the context: we were playing the end-game in Stamford last week and we were at the 2nd set of goods for our megacity, the wait time for Pottery/Ceramic site level 1 was ~45s after the last recalculation of goods. One minute later, after the first trains dispatched from the site the wait time jumped to ~90s. This completely caught us off guard and almost set us back for good but we managed to recover. Six hours later and Pottery/Ceramic site was the last to close from the 2nd set and the wait time was ~60s after the recalculation, we called the good, set our trains and before you know it the wait time jumped again to ~120s. I haven't experienced anything like it and because it happened twice it made me think something was indeed wrong, maybe a bug?

    Is there a way for you guys to investigate? We only encountered this with Pottery/Ceramic site, and only from the Belham North West site.

    I am sorry I didn't have the time to file this before the round ended but maybe you can replicate the issue and find a fix.

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  • If the low-level resource has no zero delivery time and the .warehouse is not empty at the time of recalculation, the delivery time will increase and will grow all whole hour.

    does not increase the time only if the warehouse is empty and there is no delivery

  • To answer ShurShur's question, it wasn't the case of losing majority.

    Regarding Samiia, that may be the case since people were hauling from that site to being with but for the wait time to jump this much, one minute AFTER the recalculation occured is unheard of, not to mention it happened twice, only with this specific good.

  • This isn't a bug. This is the mechanics of the game. This mechanism works on all resources. You noticed ceramics specifically because that resource is level 1 and only one supply of quartz.

    non-pumped resource

    on such a resource, any joint is immediately visible.

    if there were 2-3 delivery to resources to the

    production and only one full warehouse and the second warehouse was empty, there would be no such effect. or time the shipment there was zero

    therefore, in other industries you did not notice such an effect.

    because did not start the export of goods without the order of the coordinator either the production warehouse was empty

    I tried to explain how I could, through an interpreter

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  • even only supplying first and bring up stock levels raises the waittimes between recalculations when you start hauling direct e.g. and endgame.

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