Withdrawal of investments

  • Withdrawal of investments.

    I suggest that everyone can withdraw their investments made at this level of industry.

    With withdrawal, the player loses 50% of the money invested (-30?).

  • In real life, is it possible?

    In real life it is possible to sell shares in business.

    What's that for, anyway? You don't have enough money or something?

    You need the money right now.

    The rise of the city is over.

    The competition in town is over.

    Incorrect investment


    More strategic options in the game!

    How the game goes on after that?

    Then the game continues as if you didn't invest that money in this industry.

  • Hey HMR

    Very good idea but like in RL u should lose some on withdraw your investment - like sell wagons -30 % - but fully support the idea, and it will solve a lot of break Majority by default click one too many.

    Have a nice and safe Sunday evening

    Cheers Rype

  • But this should be only possible before the factory grows else you got players who invest a lot and wait till they got the prestige for the growth of the factory and take after that the money back. So they got the profit of the prestige.

  • According to my suggestion.

    You can only withdraw your investments from the last level of industry. Only new investments!

    Before raising the level and giving prestige!!!

    If you withdraw your investments - you do not get prestige for them.

    The investments that remain (10% - old investments for which you have already gained prestige) after raising the level cannot be withdrawn.

  • Perdita

    No when a factory LvL you will be left with what 10 % of your investment - and then - 30% for take out the rest, so don't think that will happens

    But what i think will happens is : a lot of good and nice player clicking one click to much can not withdraw the investment so majority will get reestablished and that will cause a lot less conflict in the game - there will ofc be some speculation e.g like an extra bank account and that is why take out investment should cost -30 % or more.

    But in my view it will add a more kind of "friendship" or what name U will call it because u can make a mistake and pay the penalty 30% and all is good again - many many players will love that - nothing worse that a broken majorty 01.00 in the night and hole asso get penalty unlit first man is on and can invest.

    Cheers Rype

  • excellent suggestion.))

    Anyone who loves competition and knows how to make money will be very happy.

    Because I came, I took the control package, I won, I returned the investment, and I earned . It's perfect.)

    It's the same with the prestige. Picked up the majority for 1-2 hours. Got the right tonnage and got the investment back. and invested in the next production.

    What a friendship. You what?)

    This game is based on competition)))).

  • I don't see a problem with these things.

    If you withdraw, you lose 50% of it without gaining prestige as the industry rises. So I think you're losing.

    As I wrote it gives

    More strategic options in the game!


    This game is based on competition)))).

  • now the competition is relatively honest. Who wants to get more prestige pays for it.

    your proposal - veiled cheating

    If this proposal to implement then the scolding will be much more and majority of the production on active servers will fall down 10 times a day .

  • the waittime reduction should be based on transports and integration not money based with prestige. This will always be a nasty part of the game, lot's will use this only for trolling.

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